Why Should You Outsource Your Hiring?

Running a business, from small startup to a megalith enterprise is filled with tons of hard decisions and needs. Often startups, small and mid-size companies have employees and managers wearing multiple hats. Everything from accounting to hiring duties falls to a manager or owner. The original purpose of the company gets diluted with unnecessary tasks that suck the creativity and performance of everyone including your CEO. Enterprise companies often face daily hurdles to “make the product” and focus on selling that product in large volumes. Let’s face it, we often run out of time in the day and find ourselves working odd hours doing everything from accounting to reviewing resumes.

This article is your sign to stop doing everything. Put down the 4th cup of coffee.

Outsourcing is your solution to this problem.

Peter Drucker, one of the most notable authors of the 20th century on business management created this concept in his work with General Motors and Proctor and Gamble. Back then he called it “front room” and “back room” areas of the business. The front room is your primary product, what you sell to the world. It is what your customer demands. The back room is everything else you need to do in order to keep your business afloat. Most of you reading this article have at one point been stuck doing backroom work. Sometimes it is all you can do due to the bureaucratic nature of our laws.

Drucker moves his glasses off his face.

Here is the primary reason you should outsource your hiring. Focus.

“A company should be engaged in only the front room activities that are critical to supporting its core business. Back room activities should be handed over to other companies, for whom these tasks are the front room activities.

Peter Drucker

(If you want to get a taste of Peter Drucker’s work, I highly recommend this article here from where the quote comes from. Also, it’s worth investing your time into reading his works as well at your local library or Amazon. You can get started with a summary of Peter Drucker’s works here.)

Outsourcing allows you to:

  • Lower the Cost of Hiring and Labor
  • Focus more on front room activities
  • Reduce risk to the company “try before you buy”
  • Increase talent pool

(This article explains all of those bullet points in detail)

Picking a staffing company is no easy feat. You have a lot of choices and each firm has their strengths and weaknesses. A few things you should focus on in outsourcing your hiring.

  • Location: Often the best solutions are local solutions who can find hard to reach talent pools.
  • Time: Can the company meet your time criteria? Do you have a need for immediate staffing? Or does it need to be done in phased steps? Is the hiring work seasonal?
  • Experience in the niche. Does the staffing company have experienced employees who have worked in your field? Can they find the right candidates with the skill set needed?

(For further explanation we highly recommend this article here.)

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