Established 2017 In Houston Texas

Cinco International Group is a small and growing company based on these Core Values: Care, Compassion, Character, Courage, and Change.

We came together from several industries and agencies to do things in a different way, a more honest way, a more transparent way. At Cinco IG we are easy to work with and are serious about our job. We enjoy a good laugh and putting a smile on the face of our both sides of our Clientele. We strive to find the right companies. Our group also seek the right individuals who are in need of the right opportunity.

We care about our community.

At Cinco IG we have compassion for our clients (both the customer and candidate). Our company cares that both candidate and company are the right fit for each other. We have the courage to be transparent with our customers. Our group searches for individuals of high character to place in good companies that also exhibit high character. Our end goal is to make a good honest living for our families while leaving a positive impact. By choosing to work with Cinco International Group you are choosing to do business with a company driven to serve. We strive to bring the best quality service possible and to treat our clients like friends and family.

We have decades of experience in the fields in which we service.

We come from those fields we hire for as professionals who worked their way up. Some examples are Oil and Gas, Construction, Technology to include IT and Cybersecurity, Industrial, Manufacturing and more. This gives us a unique perspective on your needs as a customer and as a candidate.

We look forward to working with you. We care. We work hard. We are good at what we do.

At Cinco International Group we find the best qualified candidates for our customers. We strive for expertise and a business culture fit. This along with strong communication, honesty, and integrity is how we set ourselves apart. Establishing the right match for both customer and employee is our top priority.