Sylvia Silguero, CEO of Cinco International Group

I am a unique individual combination of gifted visionary and data processor. 

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Sylvia bilingual capabilities and energy puts her in the top tier of professional human resources. She has over 15 years in HR, professional management, and consulting. Her focus is in areas of oil/gas, manufacturing, construction, and local government.

Accomplishment drives Sylvia to obtain the best outcome for our clients and employee placements. She demonstrates the ability to succeed not only for herself but those around her as a role model. Both clients and family look up to her dynamic range of knowledge. She maintains this fountain of wisdom as a sincere, supportive coach. Sylvia also teaches professional development to several students. Her gifts include analyzing and providing multi-level problem solving in all aspects of life and business.

Sylvia has a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Houston Clearlake. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from University of Houston Downtown. She is also certified in Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR), a Senior Certified Professional (SCP-SHRM) and Human Resource Management Certification from Rice University.

She enjoys time with her family of 5 children, 2 grandchildren and an awesome supportive husband.  She is a health and fitness fanatic – working out 5-7 days a week by weightlifting, and bootcamps. She studies martial arts, and boxing.

Sylvia is a strong advocate for victims of drunk drivers. She brings awareness to various detrimental diseases such as MS, Breast Cancer, and heart disease. Sylvia is a survivor of heart disease and breast cancer herself!

Her Vision to Start CIG

Sylvia envisioned Cinco International Group after working for   industrial companies and staffing agencies. She wanted to bring a change to the stigma of recruiting and staffing agencies. Her goal is to bring honesty, transparency, and punctuality to staffing.